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Dorset Union Store - Gourmet Market

The Dorset Union Store is a gourmet & prepared foods market where you'll find a luxury delicatessen, bakery, exceptional coffee & tea, fine wine & craft beer, as well as, regional catering services.  Through our doors you'll find yourself stepping through history while experiencing a curated culinary & beverage experience like no other.  Join us for an exceeded expectation of service & quality; it's who we are here at the Dorset Union Store.

A Brief History  :  In a building believed to have been moved from East Rupert, Vermont, the Dorset Union Store originally operated like a cooperative with members owning shares going back to 1816.  The store sold in 1839, and over the years took on several identities including:  S. F. Holley & Co., Holley & Gray Co., Underhill & Gray, and, in 1847, Clark Gray.  In 1851 the name was restored to the Dorset Union Store until it sold in1926.  The store was then named Peltier & Tifft General Store until 1955 when the store simply became Peltier's; pronounced 'pel-chers' by the locals - a name still familiar with many of our guests today.  In 2007 the original name was restored back to the Dorset Union Store and in 2016 we celebrated our 200 year anniversary; making us one of the oldest stores in the nation.

Today the Dorset Union Store is at the center of the vibrant and historic community of Dorset; located right on the Dorset Green.  Thank you for joining us where everyone, and their dog, is welcome!  :)

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